Leanzy, synonymous to organized work environment

Work Management

planning, tracking of schedule, progress with billing and resources allocation. Leanzy support complete work management from planning till closure

Collaborative Planning

Conceive, analyze, prioritize, manage and track all pieces of work, together as a team. All work organizing can be done in single place, that can be accessed by all team-members and stakeholders. The work plan changes are automatically managed by the agile planning, and is tracked by the tool.

Short Term Planning and Management

Each team plans the shopfloor activities at transactional level during short term planning usually referred in Agile approach as Sprint Planning. Here the tool forces the team who is responsible for carrying out the actual work to sit together and iron out minute details of the execution. This is done at a monthly or fortnightly level.

Long Term Planning Management

The tool enforces several layers of planning, one at the strategic level which is called workspace planning. This planning is followed by planning by the operations, which is Long Term Planning. Leanzy calls this Term Planning, an Agile method terminology.

Day Planning and Tracking

an image Agile teams do long term and short term planning, and yet to make sure all are on track, meet up on .a daily basis to review progress, handle issues and plan the immediate day. Here the team members actively create, assign, and reassign tasks. There are options to track the progress of tasks on daily or hourly basis. It also doubles up as timesheet.

Integrated Timesheet

an image Timesheet is integrated into the project, and no separate effort or application is required for maintaining the same. It is effortless and throws up a lot of metrics that aids in personal and team level improvement. The approval workflow can be used by the manager or customer to approve or reject tasks.

Invoicing based on timesheet and user-story

an image Leanzy supports cost calculation and rate assignments to roles. It also pulls reports that can be directly used for invoicing. The tool views each project as a cost centre and calculates cost in two ways: (1)based on actual hours spent, approved or otherwise(2)based on story point calculation.

Issue Management

an image Issue can be created, and assigned to marked against Job. Tasks can be created under a Issue. The Issue can be tracked to closure within Leanzy.

Communication Management

an image Leanzy does away with emails completely and stores all project communication along with emails, including external emails. Profile based access permission makes sure that the right role gets access to the right information.

Documentation Management

an image

Store all your project / organizational information along with your workspace or task at hand. It is a full fledged documentation management system that allows user to organize documentation in a very flexible way