Reduce People Dependency
Focus on a Learning System

“Leanzy adopts Scrum approach to help teams to improve their own productivity by self planning,
self organizing and self tracking through social commitment.Leanzy provides technology advantage
to organize all forms of communication and information around work;
thus building transparency and accountability within organization.”

Points to Ponder !

1. Is lack of planning affecting the productivity of your team?
2. Is lack of visibility rendering you helpless in the face of low productivity?
3. Are quitting people leaving the Organization stranded, taking all knowledge with them?
4. Are your juniors making unbelievable mistakes in simple procedures, over and over?
5. Is lack of ownership and procrastination limiting your profitability and growth?

Collaborative Planning

Conceive, analyze, prioritize, manage and track all pieces of work, together as a team.

Planning and Tracking

Agile teams do long term and short term planning, to make sure all are on track

Integrated Timesheet

Integrated Timesheet within the project, requiring no separate effort or application

Process Management

Enforce custom automated processes in a matter of minutes

TEAM Management

Allocate team, balance work, review team activities - all in one location.

Document Management

All organization related information stored within relevant tasks

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